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Young Asian male wants to model in Asia?
I noticed that Asian male models r smaller in frame than Caucasian, does that deter agencies from hiring them? What I mean to say is that Asians in America who want to model in Asia have specific requirements or can you model based on your look and physique? Not everyone can be 6'0 so I thought I'd ask. Can you model solely based on the beauty of your face? What's important is as long as you look good and proportional right??? Please give me some guidance...
Yes, but they prefer men who are in shape and have muscles, don't worry asian men are hot ;)

mr. los - the song is stuck in my head grrr i like love it now ;P…

edit - LoL ¦¬) i know like every word... as do all the other people that work with me.. its on full blast and everyone in my dressing room is going crazy over hearing the same song so much ¦¬P lol they're like FRICKING MR LOS!

;O ouch your fricking carlos >;]
Best place for teen Asian girl to model?
So I am a young teenage Asian girl. I have a talent agent, but was wondering what stores would be best for me to apply to model for on my own. The business is kind of slow right now, and I am trying to find my own jobs. If you have some suggestions for stores (or companies) that work with, or need Asian models, that would be great! Thanks!
my friends model for Sokora Vora. try that.
What age is appropriate to trade your wife in for a asian mail order bride?
My wife is Asian and I'm thinking about trading up to a younger model.
Do you think this asian model's pretty?
She's a young Hong Kong model, and she's a quarter white from he dad's side.…………

Do you think she's pretty? Or not so much?
Yes. She's really pretty. (:
How come there aren't any Asians Actresses or Fashion Models out in the U.S. Market?
Seems like there good numbers of race out in movies/tv field as well as in the Modeling world, but then .. we hardly see any Asians. I mean, we see Lucy Lu, Connie Chung, .. but that's about it. When I was younger I had visited Modeling agencies hoping to get a contract except I was told that Asians aren't too popular in the markets. I have the height, body type and everything. The only thing that was holding me back was my ethnicity, which I thought was racists. Most magazines and commericals I see today .. one model after another looks very alike. I think if they put a nice Asian girl in the magainzes or tv commericals will open movie industries eyes as well. Tell me why there aren't so much of Asians out there and what you think about us Asians?
I am sorry you are feeling that way. I think Asian women are beautiful and I have seen more and more of them in advertising as well as on leading television shows.

The thing that used to really bother me was to watch some old movies on the classic movie channel and they always used an actress who was Caucasian American instead of Asian to play the part. That was just plain wrong.

Don't judge by my answer, though, because I am hoping you will get more answers that are also supportive of Asian people. Survivor Cook Island is doing a good job of that, as well as Heroes. Eul on Survivor is my favorite. I am an white-anglo saxon female who loves all races. I don't base my love on specific races, just specific people.
What nightlife spots in SF do non-racist young professionals hang out? I'm a cute, educated Asian girl.?
I'm not into the snobby white elitist type, but I do appreciate a well-educated man with class and good taste. I'm looking for a bar, club, or lounge where the men are relatively successful and have manners, but are not narrow-minded and only looking for white blond girls. I'm 23, pretty and did some modeling while in college, but I think I must be hanging out in the wrong places since a lot of white guys seem to only be looking for a specific (color and) type.

I'm looking for a place with a good racial mix and open-mindedness, as well as classy and well-mannered people. Med students/doctor hang-outs are a plus since I'm entering med school in the fall and we'd have a lot to talk about.

If you can help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

Also, if you could tell me what places to avoid based on my guidelines, that would be great too.
I'm a caucasian airline pilot and I prefer Asian girls over the blond Barbies you mentioned any day...

I don't live in San Francisco but I fly out of the Bay Area and usually stay overnight at least once per week. One of my favorite hangouts is the Starlight Room on the top floor of the Sir Francis Drake Hotel.

The crowd is usually quite diverse, but the median age is a little older than you. Give it a try and tell me what you think.

Good luck out there :)
Why Latins are a bunch of nobodies in the eyes of Americans, while Asians are model people?
i always see this.. Asians are known for martial arts and being smart, Japan anime.. japan shows are shown in american tv. young people grow up to love Asia and even become really intelligent about Asian stuff, sometimes even more than what they know about America itself. But they don't seem interested in South america even if we latins are all around usa.
Latin Americans are boring. Asians on the other hand have a completely different culture, and are exotic.
Black Role Models:why do we get little Wayne and Shaq?
This frankly pisses the hell outta me..Why the **** do the mainstream liberal media never , ever give young black people positive role models to look up to(I'm black i don't need a black role model but they are some black people that do, all of mine are white/Asian, i love you Nikki Haley...)Lil Wayne, Chad Occhocinco, Michael Vick, Monique (ewwww), and pretty much every other black athlete or actor or actress are the only images of black people we see on TV. They are most likely loud, ghetto and liberal, which is the last thing we want our young black population to be. Why can't they give us push people like Ben Carlson, the black neurosurgeon, or Thurgood Marshall or Daniel Hale Williams, the first black heart surgeon. I think the poor role models for black guys are all part of the liberal strategy to keep black on the ******* plantation in a vicious circle of poverty..and anyone that disagrees is blind.......
You are very confused. I'm African American and while I agree that there should be more emphasis on positive African American role models, you are very much mistaken that this is a fault of the liberal media.

The mainstream corporate media is not liberal. The mainstream corporate media pushes whatever they think will increase viewership and make money through selling more advertising. Entertainers and sports celebrities do just that. Any emphasis on African American achievers in more intellectual pursuits would be seen by many as educational rather than entertaining and would be decried by some conservatives as pushing a politically correct agenda. You are blaming the wrong people.

The liberal media, which is not represented in the mainstream, presents positive images of successful and intellectual African Americans but few people pay attention.

I am frankly quite surprised that anyone who claims to be black could be so strangely clueless. You are either not paying attention to what is going on or you have been brainwashed.
I am trying to find the name of an asian male model?
I saw this spread in a Complex Magazine in 2006, he is a young male wearing a red polo shirt and he has long hair. i would like to know his name.
I don't know if that's Kris, but he does look like him. What movie is he from?

Check out Kris at Catwalk and see for yourself if that's him:…
Anyone remember some Losaahead Info?
When "" existed, I can remember that there were non-pedophile and legal videos about young and little asian girls modeling their bodies, but I cant remember the name of the videos, the company or any else reference about them. Anyone remember what am I talking about?
no i dont i dont even know how to pronounce it lol

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