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If a old looking teen lied on their age with fake id, tricked adult into sex could teen be charged?
Meaning lets says an adult meets someone online or in club who looks 25 yrs old but person is really 16 or 17 the teen that is, they have real looking fake id, and adult and teens have sex but adult doesnt know teen is really a teen. so later if it got out the reality of it, could the adult press charges on the teen seeing as the adult could get in trouble for guy molestastion due to sex with minor even though was not aware of true nature of situation.
dood! stay the heck away from the guys! if you really can't tell the difference between a guy and an adult keep it in your pants!
A Parental Issue, or just the way Teens are?
Browsing through the pregnancy column leads to a very scary concern.

There are so many girls, 14-17 posting about being pregnant with their first, sometimes second guy. Some seem so proud, while others are fearful of their parents. I hear that teen pregnancies remain high in several parts of many countries. My concern is why?

Is this simply a matter of parents not being involved enough with their guyren? Or are guyren much more difficult today, then 10-20 years ago.

I'm really not a believer in the argument that since guys have more access to condoms, they will have sex more. I don;t believe this is the case, as I'm guessing the majority of unwanted teen pregnancies occur when they do not use protection.

Are girls tricked into having sex with boys? Are they caught up in teen love? Or is it because the lack of parental guidance in their lives?

I'm sad to see so many girls becoming mothers so early, and am curious as to the cause.
I think 90% is due to lack of parenting. parents that are not talking to their guys about safe sex. realistically it's dumb to say these days "my guy wont have premarital sex" or "my guy will not have sex as a teen" Parents need to take a more proactive approach to teens and sex by talking to them, and letting them know the risks involved with teen sex. Give them the tools to make a good decision but always remember that ALL guys could wind up having sex as a teen, even the best of them, with the parents that did all they could to try to prevent it. When my guyren reach 13 we will be having a intense "sex" talk and at that talk condoms will be handed out and my daughter will be told that she will be soon on the pill, it will be clarified that I do not agree with sex, and I will not be happy if I find out that it is what they are doing, but I can't always be with them and in the event they do they need to be safe, use condoms, and be on birth control. Will this work? I hope so... what I do know is this is what my mom did with me and I was one of the few people that I know that didn't loose my virginity till I was 17... I also had friends whos parents took the blind eye approach or didn't guide them and they were all teen parents. I got pregnant at 18 BUT I was on birth control and using condoms...
Does this mean that the woman is desperate and/or trying to trick him into getting her laid?
I'm not friends with them but I know many girls (from my college) who are dating teen boys. All the girls are in the range of 22-24 and each of them has a boyfriend who's in the range of 15-17. I was shocked but my question is...when girls date guys this young and this much younger than them, does that mean they're desperate and can't find anyone their own age, or are sluts who are trying to trick a young gullible boy's mind into having sex with them?
The answer that come to my mind is that they date these younger guys because they are easier to con troll. For example: any 15-17 yr old boy would do just about anything to get a girl that is 22-24yrs old. So these girls usually take such a young boy for the purpose of having someone wait on them hands and feet.
Another more unlikely scenario would be that they are tired of guys their age who only want in their pants without being willing to submit to the woman's every wants and needs. Whoever these girls are could get into a lot of trouble. Even though the guys are very willing, the girls still could get in a lot of trouble because it is still considered statuatory.
Should we be doing more to prevent sexualy active teens?
I don't know about the rest of you, but I frequently come across questions in Y/A by teens with questions like, "Could I be pregnant if I had unprotected sex?", "How do I trick a girl into having sex with me?", "I pulled out, could she be pregnant?", I had sex, now my breasts are tender and my period is late, could I be pregnant?", "If I skipped my b/c and have sex, could I be pregnant?", I just had sex, could I be pregnant?", "I think I'm old enough to have sex, but my mom doesn't think so...I'm 15! She takes this way too seriously.".....and on and on it goes.

If these guys don't know the answers to these questions and are obviously taking the issue of sex too lightly, they shouldn't be having sex!!!!! Shouldn't we be teaching the serious side of sex in school? It seems to me all I heard in my sex ed class was, "If you have sex, use birth control."

But they completely miss the mark and don't explain the emotions, or that it's really awkward the first time (not amazing like in a movie), it can be really embarrassing, it can make you tied to someone you shouldn't be, you could get HPV or more serious STD, everyone is different so don't think practice makes perfect, and the fact that even if you use protection, you can still end up pregnant.

Does anybody else notice this? And what can we do to get teens to realize that sex is a bigger deal than the movies make it out to be? I am so aggrivated by guys having sex and thinking they are old enough. Sex isn't like shaking hands; it's not just a physical act. I think if they were educated more, sex would go down right along with pregnancies cause by ignorant teens who think they won't get pregnant as long as he pulls out.
Gosh, I have been thinking about this as I read what you wrote, and I have already gone through about three different answers.

Like, "Yeah, but how can you really make people behave differently?"


"No, we should be doing less...like less sex education, since that has obviously had zero effect on teen pregnancy - in fact, it's gone up."

or "heck, I don't know."

This is such a big issue, encompassing parenting issues, societal problems, the freedom/responsibility that comes with birth control, parents abdicating a parenting duty to public educators, entertainment and Hollywood, changing ideas about how to raise teens, religious issues. It is quite simply a HUGE issue.

I agree with you that teens seem to downplay the reality of sex, but I disagree that more education is the answer - they are already being over-educated on the subject, and the educator may or may not convey the same values you would want to teach your guyren.

What I will say is what worked with my daughter. Because sex is primarily relational, I worked the relationship end of things, rather than the biology end of things. We talked about biology parts, but as they related to relationships. When we saw on TV, heard about or witnessed in real life, relationship issues, I discussed them with her. I stateed my opinions and we talked, often heatedly about why I felt that way, and why she felt differently. We didn't just talk about sexual relationships, but all aspects of male/female and friendly relationships.

I found it very difficult to convey to my daughter the importance of judging people by their behavior - even with discussing the importance of using good judgement to choose one's friends, she still followed the crowded path of believing that it was a crime to 'judge' people.

She had a horrible time in high school with her friends. Well, they just weren't friends - plus she wasn't into drinking, drugs and sex, and most of her classmates were, and she found that although she tried to have friendships with some of these girls, they just didn't have enough in common. In spite of it being popular to not 'judge' people, this is probably the most judgemental generation on earth - they just judge you for not following them blindly down a path to destruction with them.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. I think that the answer is for the schools to teach biology - reproduction, diseases, etc. Parents need to handle relationships and what happens when those two paths cross, like what happens when you're 15 and get pregnant, and you have to give your first guy and your parents first grandguy up for adoption and the pain that causes.

What happens when you *think* you *love* somebody, but you're only 16 and your boyfriend just wants to fulfill an urge, and you are simply not experienced enough, nor is your understanding of what you want in life complete enough, to know the difference.

I really, really, really think the answer lies in the parents. The problem with that being that most parents have given very little thought to this, as everybody is divorced now, they are too busy screwing up their own lives.

We have educated these guys to within an inch of their capacity to absorb information, and they still manage to get it wrong. Well, duh, it's a tough subject. If we focused more on supervising our guyren, and teaching them about relationships, and stopped doing ridiculous things like allowing them to go to unsupervised parties, and being too embarrassed to call to see if anyone is really going to be home, or just all-night prom (what's up with THAT!), then we might make a great number of steps towards reducing teen-pregnancy.
See the words peado spread around a lot so why is nothing done about GENUINE ORGANISED abuse.?
See the words peado spread around a lot so why is nothing done about GENUINE ORGANISED abuse.?

Usually in connection with genuine loving reltionships spanning concent legal ages and consenting sexting etc.

But as the above is harmless fun and those involves want to be left alone as ahppy why is there never any concern about those begging for help and needing it where the action of NON concentual.

Ie why is the church not sh down and the popes and cardinals all arrested for the froced silencing and covering up of REAL preditory peadophile priests into raping and forcing themselves only unwilling guyren ofetn in church run guyrens homes where the guys cant escape whilst grown ups stick up for said church?

WELL surely if people care about guys being abused that would be their first poitn of call especailly when taking massive amounts of abuse.

How about sending in the aprmy and specail forces to crush eastern european sex slae trafficers who trick teen girls into going abroadoften thinking they will get modeeing jobs or illegal immigrants then demand maney and force them to pay off fake debts often raping them first into submession as forced prostittutes saying they will kill the girls family if they go to police.

Now where are all those calling sexting guy porn and wanting to jail teengers with regard sex slave trafficing of teenage girls? why not leave the happy sexters along and go for the real abuser.

And how about male family members who wont let their daughter or sisters date then forced them into arranged marriages often abroad and carry put honour killings and violence on girls who refuse such rape salvoury pimped by own family?

Well funny how these pwople so obessed with calling teen couples minors needign protection never care about such abuse?

Anf how about fgm female genital muilatiion on a massive scale in whole countires where to make the girls absatin before arrnaged marriages they cut off her cliterous, labias and sew up their vagina...

Surely those worrying about sexting and 20 year olds dating 16 year olds should be up in arms over that or how they church imprisions 30,000 girls in magdelen laundries. to treat as slaves for flirting.


Can you sum this up a little?
Firstly, it annoys me when people confuse a pedophile with a guy molestor.
Second, you are ranting, without any cognitive thought given.

People care about abuse, in any form. And if you read the news you will realize that there are several organizations that aid in preventing it.

Are you a pedophile? This is the second question on this subject. Usually the object of our greatest resentment is that part in us we are trying to kill. Just wondering

Why do looney americans think anyone dating those in late teens is a peadophile thats crazy?
Why do looney americans think anyone dating those in late teens is a peadophile thats crazy

peadophiles like guyren... teengers are teengers not guyrenm.

Definition of guy ie pre pubescent, no breasts, periods, erections, oestrogen, testosterone, no interest in the opposite sex, no flirting, no independance, small weak, submissing, ideally not a clue what sex is, unable to fight back...

Pretty much anyone 14 and over is the total opposite into partying the opposote sex uncontrolable, wild, able to fight, confidenct, self assertive, party animal, knows all about sex and tricks, has plenty of their own, likey to like drinking, codpe, has friends who can kick ***, developing adutl boadies, would enjoy sex and be sexaully aggressive and foreward, independant thinking


ie not thier type and as so caling somone over 18 dating a 17 year old what difference does a few weeks make at that age in most countires not only are they sexually legal but likely to have had yesrs of experience, know what they like, can join the army, drive a car, If a girl exaully confident and knows how to work it.

Simply not their type those in 20s are simply big teens and no Jess not all have fully developed brains or are mature. and many 15,16,17 epecaillybif used rto responsibilty are very rational. All those I hung out with when a teen were rational and knew what they wanted just not so good at getting it.

Peados like controlable, submissive, frightened girls all sectre like or boys.

Those in 20s dating those in late teens are lookign for a wild party mate girlfriend to go out clubbign in the open who knows their mind

so cannot be a peado especially as in nmost countries anyone over 16 is legal
yeah i know , both countries the UK and the USA hate pedophiles but in America it is def took to extremes. there was this guy who was 20 dating this 15 yr old on a poll yesterday on yahoo answers. and people kept saying he was a pedophile and when she is 20 he will leave her for another 15 yr old. they seemed so much in love and he didn't seem like a pedophile to me. actually pedophiles are little guyren that are under 13. and even them like 10 and 11 are trying to act all grown up. but at 13 you are old enough to know your own mind and at 16 your old enough to speak it and decision choose. i think America is just scared of being that country like India or Pakistan where they leave guys on the streets SOLD to old men. but pedophilia ain't the correct word it's actually called ephebophilia. it's where your attracted to teens as an adult. it's not bad as pedophilia and i think it's far more legal than illegal. and the only reason guys look at these young women is because they have women bodies and are far more younger therefore attracted.it's more of a transfixtion and perversion than it is a pedophile. more of a pervert.but it's get really ridiculous when this happens then was a guy 18 dating this 17 yr old and bizarrely enough the American public was calling him a pedophile and saying how the f__k can he be interested in a 17 yr old. just because he turns 18 don't mean he is going to be a fully grown man now and dump his gf. he is a young man with a gf not legal by age to do it and even worse now he is an adult but come on he just went 18 for gods sake. these guys liked each other 2 b4 he was a MAN by law and yet these people always try to turn it around and class him as a pedophile. wants more funny is america is full of proper pedophiles and yet all these americans complain ??? are u disgusted by this and not one person over 18 can be considered a teen still and not an old man ?? ok he is considered an adult but also is the girl a couple yrs longer. i mean in england u leave at 16 and in most countries like Canada at 14 u classed as an adult and some countries even younger and sold too old men. that's wrong but not a guy legal age dating is gf not legal of age.
Theres a girl. idk wat to say... ?
Im a teen boy and theres a girl one year older than me. And shes my friend on facebook. And i said hey. She is friendly and pretty. But im shy and dont know wat to say to her. Wat should i say and wat topics to talk to her about. Please help and shes emo. And im not trying to trick her into sex or anything.
tell her you're doing a survey for school and ask her what her favorite music is then say: "Wow what a coicidence, that's my fav too!" And from there, engage in conversation.
TEENS: Would you read this book?
*I posted this in the Books & Authors category, but only got 3 undetailed answers.*
It would be about 6 people (5 of them are celebrities,) within the ages of 14 - 17. The 5 celebrities are: Birdie (the protagonist,) Daisy (her best friend,) Tabitha, (a new friend who is secretly devising a plan,) Harrison, (a big headed but soft friend,) and Sally (the antagonist.) I know it sounds cliched, but it isn't. It's kind of like Mean Girls, in the sense of the burn book. Birdie is new to Hollywood and has never been famous before. Thanks to her stage-Mom, she is very shy and self conscious, although opinionated and graceful. She does not enjoy acting, but does it for the sake of her Mother. Her Mother just married an old friend from Tennessee, who has a step son, Shane. Thanks to her Mom, Shane is now Birdie's assistant. Between them lays some chemistry that will be important in the show later. Being Sally invited the paparazzi to the set one day during Birdie's first scene (in attempt to mess her up,) she was fired and Birdie's excitable best friend named Daisy was hired. Tabitha, another girl who is on the show, pretends to befriend both Birdie and Daisy and after a while invites them to a sleepover. During the night she turns off all of the lights and takes out the candles, showing them a secret book with tips on how to stay in the spotlight. In it are tricks and tips that at first work but then come back to bite them later. The show they're on is kind of like The Mickey Mouse Club, and it follows the life of the characters as if they were Brittany, Christina and Justin, as they get into drugs, sex and other mess ups because of this. I might even include either Daisy or Tabitha becoming pregnant. There will definitely be a love triangle between Birdie, Shane and Harrison.
1.) Anyway, would you read this book?
2.) What do you think the point of view should be?
3.) Anything I can use to fill in the blanks (what comes between all the major events happening?) I mean, what should I write to fill it in? Any ideas I can use for INSPIRATION?
4.) Would you read a book with this plot?
5.) Any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism?
Good luck and God bless xoxo!
- OCD.
This would be more of a preteen, Middle School based book. The plot is so cheesy! It really is...lots of expected drama, and undeveloped characters. Now, I see what you're aiming for. Maybe I'm being harsh because your description is pretty vague. What you need to do is stick with originality. Make the characters shine out, so they have specific (but realistic) personalities. Another tactic, is surprise. Gear the plot so that the reader isn't expecting the drama--don't make it obvious, basically. Make sure there is plenty of development for the characters, and not just lay it out flat in your writing.
Anyways, you've got this really thought out, which is great :)
It could be a good read, but honestly...If I read the back cover, I doubt I'd pick it up. Just get some creativity in the story, and stay away from the classic cliche. Very best of luck, and happy writing! :)

Forgot to add--either be in the story as your favorite character, make it a narrative. Whatever you enjoy most.
Test your Trans-intelligence with this true or false test (20 questions)?
A. "Shemale" is the correct way to refer to Transsexual people.
B. "Tranny" is the correct way refer to Transsexual people.
C. Being Transsexual is religiously immoral.
D. Transsexualism is a mental illness.
E. It's always possible to spot a Transsexual person if you know what to look for.
F. Transsexualism can be cured through reparative therapy.
G. All Transsexual people are gay.
H. Genital Reconfiguration Surgery makes orgasm impossible.
I. It's impossible for a Transsexual woman to retrain her voice to sound convincingly female.
J. All Transsexual people in the U.S. are legally protected from job/housing discrimination.
K. Transsexual people only transition to "trick" people into having sex with them.
L. Most Transsexual people become prostitutes or porn stars to pay for their Transition.
M. Transsexual people get hired at the same rates as non-transsexual people.
N. Transsexualism rarely drives people to suicide.
O. All doctors are trained to treat Transsexual people.
P. All Psychiatrists/Therapists are trained to treat Transsexual people.
Q. Scientists know exactly what causes Transsexualism.
R. Transsexual teens are widely accepted by their peers.
S. People who reveal they are Transsexual are rarely rejected by friends and family.
T. Transsexual people are barred from getting married or having families.

(NOTE: if you only want to answer this to be insulting and spread hate, please do. It will make it easier for us to petition Yahoo to have you I.P. banned.)
A. Are you serious? NO
B. Read my last answer
C. I don't practice religion
D. Depends if you consider gender identity disorder a mental illness, I prefer not to think of it like that
E. of course not
F. I'm not sure what you mean by that
G. Nope
H. It's possible but not often, I mean the guy options aren't really good.
I. Nope, I know a transgirl who's not even on hormones that sounds girlier than me.
J technically, but it's hard to prove it.
K. No, that doesn't even make sense
L. Lolwut, I've never heard that one before
M. I don't know about others, but I've had trouble finding a job because I'm trans.
N. THe only reason I'm still alive is I refuse to become a statistic.
O. Sure, just like all doctors are trained to do open heart surgery
P. Read my last answer
Q. Doubt it.
R. I wish
S. Read my last answer
T. Nope
Someone please help? Period trouble in teens?
Okay so I've had protected sex last week. He pulled out before he cummed and he had a condom on. No birth control. I'm expecting my period now, and i usually get it around now. But I've been having cramps for 4 days now. Liquid white discharge with a strong smell. That usually happens before I get my period, but the cramps aren't usually this long. My breasts have felt fine, no soreness. Backs felt kinda crappy. But my appetite is normal and I love eating so nothing seemed to change there :) But I've been stressing over thinking I missed my period every minute of every day. I heard that by doing this, I could trick my body into missing/delaying my period? Is this what's happening? I don't believe that I'm pregnant but what do you think? Btw I'm only 15 years old. And I also have been excersising at a pretty high rate until I felt my period coming (I heard that this can also delay your period). But I still haven't gotten any blood flow yet! What do you think is happening to my body? I have had my period for about a year and a half now but it has always been a bit irregular.
after having sex in irregular amounts it will delay your period and so will stress
you are not pregnant

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