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Just wondering are guys fooled by all the padding in teen girls bras?
not that i dont but do yall actually think its for real wen u see an eighth or seventh greader with huge or even medioum boobs that look like u jsut a got a boob job like DUH um pushup bra that doesnt even fit them from victorias secret!!!!!! besides havent boys seen the comercials for them! i think its hilarious! helo!!! there is almost nothing under there i promise u!!! ( we change for gym) so are u fooled?
cuz my friend and i wer talking bout this and i dont think boys are but she does. so we will see
My boyfriend actually complains about the padding in my bras! haha
Although the stop guys from feeling what they want, they do make your breasts look better and bigger. And I personally find it more comfortable.
I know a few of the guys in my school are fooled by it (some didnt even know where the clips to get them undone were!!!) I guess it depends on their experience and who they have dated in the past.
Should teen girls wear sport bras in public?
i was at hampton beach 1 weeks a go and i saw 2 girls joging aginst the sea wall. one was in a white sport bra the other girl was in a pink poke a dot sports bra!!!! do you thing it right for young teen girls to go out in public wearing b ras like that????? also the girls were about 36B is range for a cup size.
I wear them out, and im a 32 B and it doesnt bother me, as long as you have a nice stomach, and arent fat..
Bras bras bras! Teen girls please!!?
okay so i need some new bras. Im into padded and i got CCgirl ones for christmas but they were too small (32A) so i think i need like a 32AA or even 32B. I havent measured myself yet (ill do it and put additional info in in a couple minutes) but does anyone know any good bras that are good for teens! Im 13 and i need more support than camisoles,lol Any padded bra input would help! And oh yeah, ill be going to Nordstoms and Macys and mall stores in the next week so links to ones i can find there would help THANKS!!
definately aerie. best padded bras, and comfiest undies.
Do a lot of teen girls stuff there bras in high school?
I think they do but I'm not sure
I can't vouch for all teen girls but I never did. It depends what you mean by "stuffing" bras, anyway. As far as I know, the whole stuffing with tissues thing is pretty outdated. Lots of girls wore push-up or heavily (like 1 inch thick) padded bras to look like they were bigger, and lots of girls used the bras with the gel inserts.
TEEN GIRLS: What bra size are you? and Are you confident with your breast size?
I'm a 13 and a 34B I guess i'm in between confident and not confident because I'm thin and my breasts don't look they are in proportion with my body but, i guess it's a nice size

What about you? What bra size are you? and Are you confident with your breast size?
I'm sixteen and a 34 B. I was bummed at first, but then I realized it doesn't really matter. And if it does become a problem later, that's what Victoria Secret is for.
What is with these young teen girls becoming more like hoes?
i am only 18, but it seems like every 13-14 myspace i come across, its of girls in bras and underwear

and i'm not saying it is every single guy, just seems to be a growing number
I'm 20, and am also appalled by the way young women are carrying themselves nowadays, and how it is socially acceptable. Guyren are really rushing themselves to be adults, thinking that that is what they really want, when they are not at all prepared to face that. It's also our culture, and how sex is celebrated and not sacred or a gift anymore. It's just a sign of the times.
Teen girls : bra Shopping?
Im 17 and i get so embarrassed in shops,
especially in the Lingerie, bra's and pants sections. i dont know why but if i jsut look and think thats nice i just get the feeling someones staring at me or thinking i shouldnt be there :S
i want to go to places like La senza and stuff because i like there pjamas and stuff but i feel like at 17 i'd get wierd looks because its mostly "sexy" stuff..
does anyone else get this?
B.Q - do you have any special underware for like boyfriends and stuff? what age where you when you first started getting stuff like that?
I do. haha. its funny sometimes- but I recently walked into La senza with my headphones in. It was fine. With my headphones i looked around for the cutest bra and bought it.
I have a red bra matching underwear for my boyfriend.
How to convince my mom to buy me a real bra (teen girls help!) (women)?
well my mom always buys me sports bras because theyre comftorable honestly they are but all the girls in my school wear real bras when we change for gym class. iw ant a real bra because sports bras dont have cute prints on them theyre so weird i can never find jsut cute teen bras that are comftorable for me to wear and are cute anyways were going underwear shopping this week so i need help also OPINION WISE: WHICH DO YOU THINK IS MORE COMFTORABLE i want something comftorable
I definitely prefer real bras, even when I'm exercising, but I'm in a D cup.
I wouldn't say they're comfier, because I sleep in cheap sports bras and they are comfy, but I feel more confident and I guess "official" in a real bra.

I had the same problem when I was maybe 11. My mom didn't want me to get anything with underwire because she argued it was uncomfortable and only necessary with girls in a C cup or above (total lie).
If you have above an A, you want underwire. If you're in an A or smaller, it's not necessary as long as you have some padding.

When I finally got sick of it and wanted a real bra, I simply told her I needed a new one, and went to the store with her. Of course, she was fingering the sports bras, but I told her I like these ones, and pointed to the real ones. She disagreed at first, so we compromised on a bra that looked real and had thin padding, but no underwire.
The next time I needed a bra, I got one with underwire (hooray!).

I would recommend Target, because they have good, cheap bras. I would also recommend Aerie, that's where I get my best bras, but I am done growing and also earn my own living and buy them myself. Your mom might not be willing to spend $30 on a pointless bra you'll grow out of. The good thing about going there is that they are very skilled at sizing (and nothing is awkward, don't worry). If you do get sized, but can't afford their bras, just tell them you don't have enough time and have to be somewhere, but you'll come back. Then, simply run to Target and get a nice, cheap bra.

And yes, the prints are half the fun :)
Good luck, sweetie!
GIrls bras and underwear?
Im a teen girl freshmen in high school and lately in the locker room i have noticed a lot of different types and styles of underwear. So i was wondering if you could give me a list of the types teen girls wear and a picture (link) to a pic of what they look like?
theres boyshorts which look like shorts
theres bikini that look like bikini bottoms
theres g strings which are like thongs but the part that goes up your butt is like a string
and thongs
Teen girls, do you wear padded bras?
Ok, well today in school I wore a tanktop. I didn't even really know I was wearing a padded bra, it's not thick at all. My friend was like "Are you wearing a padded bra?" I'm like "No, why?" and my other friend was like "You are, aren't you" making it all embarassing (not in front of people). But is it that uncommon for girls my age to wear a padded bra? I'm 13. The whole day I felt so embarassed and felt like a nobody.
Umm yeah
I doo. All girls at my schooll do.
And the bras arent like reallly padded its like a Centimeter thickk

tell ur friendss that they should start wearing them other wise ur nipples will showw through ur shirt and ur boobs will look like cones!
:) its truee

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