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"Have you ever dressed up like a schoolgirl and got your @ss spanked?"?
I just heard/saw this on AMC which is showing "The Negotiator" with Samuel L. Jackson---now. Just wonderin'? Answer carefully and thanks!!!
I think I might be signing up for your class, teacher!

(Not really! That's NO way to reinforce learning a foreign language!)
My 12 yo son that thinks he's a perve cause sex is on his mind all day-how often do normal guys think of sex?
His dad is obsessed with sex and even though we live 1000 miles from him my son still is worried that he is just like him. I have found his history on the computer--he's looking at schoolgirls getting spanked and naked pictures of Britney Spears--weird or normal?
I would say kinda normal as his reaching puberty. Don't worry he will eventually calm down.
I enjoy being spanked by my new boyfriend, is this odd for a woman in her 40's?
I'm separated from my husband with whom I had a non-existent sex life and have recently started seeing a man who is 6 years younger than me. I've always thought it would be nice to be spanked so I asked him if he would. He arranged a stay in an hotel, bought me a naughty schoolgirl outfit and we acted out the fantasy.

I really enjoyed it and want more! Does anyone think this is odd for a woman in her late 40's?
Not at all. I find it very attractive for a woman to tell me what she likes and wants. Sex is supposed to be enjoyable and there are no rules. Get spanked all you want and enjoy the hell out of it! Tell him if he does it to hard, or if you want him to spank harder. Communication is key during sex because there more you express yourself the better the orgasm.
Who is more attracted to spanking?
I am puzzled by the interest for spanking. It has even come up in some mainstream movies more recently. According to some clues, it seemed to me that most of those attracted by these fantasies are men. Nevertheless, much of the content doesn't appear to be aimed at men, for instance videos or pics about spanked schoolgirls (the models are over 18 of course...). I suppose men wouldn't enjoy much such images of schoolgirls being punished and so on.
So I wonder whether it is predominantly a male thing, or if women are equally likely to feel an interest for this sort of "evasion".
Neither gender is more or less attracted to spanking, though there is some imbalance in regards to who likes to receive and who likes to give. However, the actual interest, by itself, does not cross gender lines. I've attended several spanking parties, and had private meetings with young ladies into spanking. Considering how busy I can stay as a spanker, I would say that there is AT LEAST enough spankee females to go around. Maybe I'm just one of the lucky ones, but I've had my fair share of women across my lap.

Now, there is a significant gender bias in who is a spanker and who's a spankee (not counting people who do both). When at parties, there are usually more male spankers and females spankees, and less female spankers and male spankees. Not completely sure why that is, but it happens.
What's the best thing about giving a naughty schoolgirl a good spanking?
charging £500 to your MP's expenses for it
Is it weird that I enjoy being spanked and are there guys that actually enjoy spanking?
I really like to be spanked. When I ask to be spanked, guys willl usually oblige by giving be a few smacks on my behind but I want it harder and longer! I want it to be like role-playing like I'm the naughty schoolgirl and I have to be paddled. And the weird thing is that I really want it to hurt so that I'm like protesting. I like the stinging sensation and the feeling that I'm being punished. I guess I like to be dominated. The problem is where can I find a guy to fulfill this fantasy? I can tell that my boyfriend would NOT be into this at all. He just laughs when I ask to be spanked or playful smacks my rear end and that's just not enough. I also wouldn't enjoy being disciplined by my bf. I would want an older, experienced man to do it. This isn't sexual either. I responded to a classified ad where a man gives non-sexual spankings for discipline. He meets in a safe place and uses a saftey word if it's gets to be too much. I'm dying to do this! Should I?
It's not weird at all, and even so, why would you care what anyone else thinks? These are your desires and dreams so reach out and make it happen. There are multiple websites that focus on and deal with the spanking fetish, I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding a older gentleman who will give you what you need/crave be sure to be safe and plan before jumping into anything, but know that you are not alone in your thoughts, and if you find the right person to do this with spanking can be one of the most amazing things you can share with anyone in this world.
Do you like to be spanked?
My bf really likes spanking me, he’s really into roleplay where he has me over his knee and spanking my backside. Have you had a bf who does this or into this? I don’t mind it at all but as he’s my first serious bf i don’t know if this is common. I told my friends about this and they said they have never tried this so i don’t know if this is a usual thing or not. He bought me a schoolgirl uniform which he said was really sexy, i think it looks stupid! But if he likes it i am happy to wear it for him, it’s like the one in the Britney Spears video. When he does it it’s not violent at all, just playful.
A lot of guys like doing it, just not many are ready to admit to it, cause they feel like you and other people would judge him, but obviously he feels comfortable to show what really turns him on, which is very good and it shows that your in a good relationship
Who will do the beating?
A thirteen year old Saudi girl has been sentenced to a flogging in front of her classmates for bringing a cameraphone to school.
I realise that the Koran is very strict about cameraphones, and that the girl really needs to be shown what Islam is all about; but I am interested in who will do this beating.
Will her fellow classmates be invited to join in, or will it be one of her teachers?
Or is there a special officer in Saudi Arabia whose job is spanking schoolgirls?…
HEY, if I knew I was going to be sentenced to a public beating, I'd have assualted the teacher too. May as well be hung for a wolf as a sheep. The teacher had the chance to be a decent human being and excuse the offense or pretend they didnt see the phone. Somebody ever flogs MY 13 yr old daughter I'm gonna hunt down the teacher, the principal, their loved ones, their pets and whoever they took to the prom.
I want this movie?
schoolgirl spanking special vol.1

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any link?
Is your boyfriend into roleplay?
My bf has this fantasy where he likes me to dress up in a schoolgirl outfit and he is the teacher and i am a naughty schoolgirl. He likes to spank my bare butt and he loves saying i’m a bad girl. i think it’s silly but if it makes him happy then i like doing it for him. Do you girls have bf who like fantasy roleplay? If so, what is it?
That sounds normal. He just likes knowing that he's dominant over you because that turns a lot of guys on knowing that they're on top. Spanking you just reminds him he's in control over you ;)

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