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Who was the communist leader who once went to Great Adventure and pooped his pants on the Scream Machine?
Who was the communist leader who once went to Great Adventure and pooped his pants on the Scream Machine?
Barack Obama
What's the most polite way of informing somebody that he's pooped his pants?
On more than one occasion, I've felt bad for not informing somebody that he had pooped his pants in public. What's the best way to tell somebody about his crappy situation without being rude?
I work in a casino and see that all the time. Older folks just don't want to leave their machines. As you walk by, you can smell urine and crap. We notify the manager who has to ask them to change. He even offers a room in the hotel for them to go clean up and change. Then the porters have to clean their chairs. It's embarrassing to everyone. And if we see 'wet pants' as someone is walking around, we have to notify surveilance to see which seats they have been in, so we can clean all of them. Then we ask them to not sit anywhere until they clean up. I could write a book about what goes on in casinos.......
Has a wrestler ever pooped his pants while wrestling?
I'm just curious. Im not attempting to hate Cena, as I'm a massive fan of his, but I heard he did, which is kinda good, because that's showing true respect to WWE. He may of pooped his pants but didn't run backstage, get embarrassed. He fought, and I respect that. But as a wrestler ever pooped in the ring, while wrestling?
I heard Sid Vicious did while he fought the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 13. Probably not true, but that's what I heard.
My third grade son pooped his pants in class?
Yesterday my son was in school and had to go to the bathroom. The teacher told him to hold it until recess, which was 15 minutes away. But he couldn't hold it and pooped his pants. The teacher smelled it, and evacuated everyone out of the classroom. I didn't even find out until I got home. Now my son is really embarrassed. What should I do about this?
just let it go.
I pooped my pants and some got in my vagina and now its red should i be worried?
I pooped my pants and some got in my vagina and I wiped it all out with toilet paper and than got in the shower and cleaned it with soap and hot water but now its pink and hurts when I pee should I be worried? Can you get sick from poop being in the vagina?
Yes that is a concern. But remember - as a guy you did the same thing often. Then your mom or dad washed you up and applied ointment to any sore areas. Now you are becoming a woman and are learning some of the daily dangers you faced as a guy. It is good you are becoming more aware of these things.

I would apply some Vaseline or diaper rash ointment to the sore areas for now. And if the tenderness persists then apply hot wet towels as hot as you can stand for 20minutes in the morning and in the evening till the tenderness goes away.

That should be all it takes to make you whole, but for security I would set and appointment with the doctor now and cancel it if you get better just in case you need further assistance.

God bless you and you should be well soon,
Would you want to see my photos of when I pooped my pants?
Some days ago I had diarreha, and I pooped my pants at street. I couldn´t beleive that so I took some photos ot these, does anybody want to see them?
Oooh me! me! me!
Haha Just Kidding They Have A Site Like That RateMyPoo.com

My friend pooped his pants during school at a wrestling meet what do I do? ?
My friend pooped his pants during a wrestling meet and still gets made fun of. I know it sounds hilarious but I am afraid his feelings are getting hurt. What do I do?
That kind of sh*t will never die, it'll always be laughed at. By now the whole school district would have heard about it. You will have to out do him with a bigger stunt to get the attention on you instead of him. Is he that good a friend?
Have you ever pooped in your pants before?
The other day i was playing basketball and i jumped up for a rebound and pooped in my shorts. I kept on playing and ended up with a rash and poop stains in my pants and underwear. How do i get poop stains out of my pants? Have you ever pooped in your pants?
yes i was coming out of a resturant they're bathroom was OUT OF ORDER(dangit) and my house right around the corner so by the time i got up stairs my underwear was a mess not my pants so (wipes hand across forehead) i don't know what happend i didn't feel sick but my tummy was kinda rumbly if that counts...
When is the last time you pooped your pants?
I just dodged a brown bullet half an hour ago! My achievement for the day... not pooping my pants.

China is going to win.

If all we can accomplish is not pooping our pants, China is going to take over the world.

Your pride is overwhelming. I hope it serves you in the future. Remember this while you're learning Chinese.

So, you weren't doing anything to distract yourself or otherwise keep you from a toilet, but you still almost failed your potty training.

I think that's actually worse than the original question.
Has anyone ever Pooped their pants in public?
I was just curious to know if ne 1 pooped or peed in their pants in some public place, because it happand to me once in middle school by accident. Dont judge me =\
Um.... Well there is one time, my school had a field trip when I was in 8th grade, and then the school had lunch on the field trip so I ate with my friends and everything, and I had to pee so badly! I mean, the field trip let us use the bathroom but that was before lunch! There were no more bathroom breaks after this, I thought I could hold it 'till I get out of the bus, but midway while I was on the bus back, I was holding my crotch and crying silently, and my friend that sat next to me told the teacher and she made me pee in the plastic cup which was the size of the mcdonalds cup, but my pee overflowed it and it went all over the bus, everyone knew that I was peeing, not only that, but I accidentally **** myself as well, so I shitted all over the bus, and the teachers had to rush me to the office after the bus got off to get my shorts from the gym locker, because my skirt had full of ****, omg it was soooo embarrassing, everyone made fun of me for that for the rest of the year. And the bad part is, my teacher, my friend, and a couple of people that sat across from us saw me with my panties down to one of my ankles, spreading my one leg on the seat the other on the floor, skirt up, and peeing into a cup with my vagina on full view, and of course, peeing into the floor and shitting myself. So they saw my vagina basically, although my friend and teacher tried to block the view from everyone else, it's still viewable. It's still one of the most embarrassing moments I've ever had my whole entire life.

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