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All Comments

Is it a sin to look at videos of bikini models without lust?
I AM CATHOLIC. Now whenver I look at these models I do not think oh I want to have sex with her I am merely thinking what a beutiful body and creation of god! However I do naturally get an erection... Am I sinning??
I have a feeling most people ask questions like this to mock religion...
Is it a sin for Catholics to look at bikini models and instead of lust for them think "what beautiful creation?
? Please no mean answers I'm a teen and I'm just not sure if doing this is wrong and I want to be sure. So if I look at these pictures without "desiring" the women is t a sin???
The nuns taught us to keep our hands above our waists. Still works for me.
Do u feel that we(Indian people) lust for foreigners when we see them in bikini on beaches?
(I do and I dont feel bad about that coz fantasies are not crime)
Why we feel anything , that is there culture they enjoy that.
You enjoy as your culture allow you.
Is it OK for a Christian girl to post bikini pictures of herself on facebook?
I'm looking for Christians to answer here. Would something like this cause a man to lust over her? Have you done this? If so, Why do you think its ok? Christian guys, do you think it is a problem when girls post bikini pictures of themselves on facebook?
You'll attract alot of the wrong kind of people on there with that kind of photo. See? LOL you have all the R&S men hot an flustered now and they haven't even seen your photo's yet LOL. Imagine what you well get with them posted on facebook plus the other answerers right any photo posted on facebook can be used by them anyway under TOS of FB. Do you really want that?.
Tiffany Shepard was the florida school teacher that got fired for being in a bikini on a fishing boat charter.?
Is it true she is now called leah lust and making porn movies?
yeah its true you can even google it
Is women the cause of lust and sin to men?
I know for a fact men like us, sometimes cant resist temptation, will all the nude,sexy pictures magazines, websites and mostly nude videos that were made. With all the sexy clothes like mini skirt,nighties,bikinis,citrus and no clothes at all. Can you please explain if girls are the cause of it or the thinking of men?
Well, pop culture is largely dominated by men. It was MEN who made those sexy pictures, videos, etc. of women, for other men. Women are often treated like sex objects by society, and many consent to it because they have no other options (or have been brought up to believe they don't).

The straight male biological sex drive is the cause of men's "lust and sin." Men feed themselves with pictures and videos of women's bodies to fuel that sex drive, which is pleasurable to do. It's not evil (in my opinion), it's just their biological drive. But if viewing pornography becomes addictive, or leads the man to hurt anyone, then I think he has a personal moral duty to stop watching it.
Why does religion cause some to become robots who can only talk about religion and criticize everything else?
If you try to talk about competitive sports that's worldly and athletes make too much money. Talk about personal finance or the stock market and that's greed. Talk about spending an afternoon at the horse races and that's gambling, talk about going to the beach and that's lusting after bikinis, talk about having a meal and you're told what you should or shouldn't eat - like meat or shellfish.

What about grace - do some extremists have any type of life outside their own piety?
They are what you would call religious zealots. If people could learn to forgive and not condemn each other because of our differences in more things than just religion, our world and country would be a lot better off, but that's not going to happen.

The road leading to hell is paved with those of good intentions. Isn't it nice of all those who preach hellfire and damnation if we don't follow their laws are willing to go to hell for those of us who don't condemn and do forgive any who are different than us, or don't believe as we do?

You are correct, they are robots, that have been brainwashed. It's nice to be able to sit back and laugh or feel sorry for those who think themselves messengers of God, and they know not God one iota, for their words and works reveal who they really follow. They follow all the false prophets throughout the history of mankind. True prophets of God belong and listen only to God, they don't need the churches of man to know God.
Is it a sin to look at a video of a woman in a bikini showing off for Catholics?
Whithout lust... Just admiring beuty?? Is it sinful??
YES. You must beat yourself and fast for seven days.
Christian girls - is it a sin to wear a bikini?
This is a legitimate question. The Bible says that "looking on a woman to lust" is the same as committing adultery. If you're showing most of your body off, GUYS ARE GOING TO LUST AT YOU. Thus, you are causing them to sin.

Think about it.

I'm an atheist, btw, so I don't hold this position...
Yes it is

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