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Latina girls ........ mexicans?
I'm a mex american guy who has dated my fair share of mexican/latina girls I at 28 have realized these girls are completely insane and ridiculous,, first of all they are way to dramatic they are loud, and have a bad attitude, they always tend to have guys before they turn 20 and they are usually sluts cheating on their husbands/bf with their friends or cousins.. I was engaged for 2 yrs with my last g/f 4 yrs ago and it was hell living with this girl she ended up cheating on me with my friend and gave me a police record for domestic fights..
I have decided that mexican women are all whores and drama queens so I thinking of dating white or middle eastern women my question is are white women as dramatic as latinas and should I avoid them as well??
You aren't Mexican.
I am a asian and wants to go out with a caucasian or latina as a GF and hopefully my future wife???
Hello everybody! Well Im here to ask a few question. Well I always love caucasian and latina women but I have never dated one and would love to date one. I was just wonder why there are only a few asian american in this country who are dating other ethnicty? This bugs me by the facts that I only see asian women going out with cucasian,black,mexican etc. I really want to know why we asian can never date caucasian or other race? Can you guys give me any tip on finding the right caucasian gurl. I am 6 foot tall age 20 and most of the gurl I have dated in the past are all asian. I really want to date other race. Please help me out since I really dont want to be loner for this holiday season. Well guys who are asian with caucasian or latina. Please give me some hint on what they are looking for in asian man and where is the best place to find a single caucasian gurl that are not sluts who likes to party and go out alot and do stupid stuff. Your help will be very appreciated. Thanks
Hey, I am of mixed origin, but a nice part of me is Chinese and Lao. White and Hispanic women are the same as any women in the world. They want the same qualities in a guy that all women in the world want.

You have the height thing going for you, so that's good. Confidence like the person above mentioned is also important. Treating a lady with respect and showing her that she means something to you is good too. Don't be shy, that's the big thing. Alot of Asian guys are shy, not confident, and don't strike conversations with random girls. Be funny. I know these are all things that all guys should know, but it seems alot of Asian guys don't apply them.

They always seem to be told, education first, relationships later. This provides a handicap later on in life.

I have never dated an Asian girl before, I mostly go out with Hispanic, white, and brown girls (I love brown girls) lol. Confidence, and humor are definately the biggies.

Good luck buddy, I think the whole world should be a mixed race.
The secret life of the american teenager???
what did you think of the episode??????
i personally was pissed that she kept the baby.
also im in love with the latin slut, because she was the honely one that
was zane because she wanted amy to have an abortion.
thumbs up to the latina slut:]
forgot her name, and actually sluts a mean name for her cuz what she yelled at grace was the TRUTH!!!!!!!
agree with you i think amy should get an abortion latinas name is adrianna lol and ben gets really annoying sometimes when hes like lets get married and have the baby my cable messed up so i didnt see towards the end but i cant believe shes having baby and adrianna so right grace is so blind and grace and ricky are annoying adrianna is the only sane one lol your the only guy i know that watches it lol but thats totally cool : ]
What do you think of this?…
some beautiful girls trying to get attention from the guys, not like they cant get it not making out with other girls sooo maybe they just are into it
Why do hot latina chicks always have guys so young?
in california all the good looking ones always have like two guys by 24-26. i hella want to date them but don't want a two for one deal you know what im saying lol. every time i mack on one of them i eventually find out like a week later that they atleast have one guy. why do you think that is? please don't give me that crap that they're more slutty because i grew up in america and seen sluts in all colors... especially the white ones lol. i love you white women :)
because it seems to be that they dont believe in abortion.

so when theyre not responsible about having sex, and become pregnant, they are willing to take care of their responsibilty and have the guy.
Do you think that more Black and Arab girls are more faithful than White, asian, and Latina (Meztizas)?
From my experience i think so. If a black girl is hoe then she would be strait up with you. She doesn't come to you with the bs that she loves you. And since majority of Arab girls are muslims then they are submitted to their husbands. Im not saying that all are cheaters. I have met some girls that are alright. But from what ive seen in college. White, asian, and Latinas are some wild sluts that cheat on their bfs. Black chicks are usually pretty chill. And if their sluts then they would be strait forward with you.
Arabs yeah
black girls O.o not so much
My man watches porn with titles like "Teen slut"?
I am already mad at him for watching porn to the point of addiction but i see on his history he enters into search machine terms like..."BLACK TEEN AZZ" or " LATINA TEEN SLUT" ...I want real honest answers this is no joke to me...Is he a pedo???? Does that mean he is very sick and I should leave him? I have guys and am very worried. We have no sexlife at all...when I want to he rejects me and I just dont want to have sex with him whatsoever he disgusts me too damn much.
Well, I don't know if he's a pedo, but if I were you, I would leave him.

The choice is up to you, however.
I get hated on for dating?
I've got guys, but me and the girl I have them with aren't necessarily 'together.' We have sex now and then, but we dont live together, and are really good about sharing the guys time. (Week long rotations, negotiate holdiays)

Anyway, it seems like any kind of dating I do, I get hated on for it. People say that I should just marry my babies momma, but I don't really love her like that.

I'm a white guy. I date black/latina girls. Black guys hate on me for "stealing their women", same thing with the Latin guys I know. White girls hate it and say the girls I date are sluts, but it's really because they aren't white (the same girls never complained when I was dating white sluts.) I like black/latina girls because they have a little more attitude, and just kind of look better. What can I do to get people to lay off me, and let me see who I want to see?
dont worry you are not the only man who does that. YOU ARE COMPLETLY FINE anyone who has something to say about that just needs to mind their own business. You have your life and they have theirs you can date have sex and (any other thnig you could think of) with anybody you want to. People who give negative thought on stuff like that just wish they could do what you do or other wise the would not even care. Right? bascilly i would just be wit who i wanna be wit right in their face and let em hate! Love it , Enjoy it, Remember it, the haters always come back and try to say their sorrry when they messed up your relationship(or maybe yo good thang) anyways........ummmm YOU SHOULD LET DEM HATAS Hate Boo!
I have to ask this question again thats been asked by many? why do girls like black guys?
I seen some black guys that go out with non black girls and what i mean is 1st choice are white 2nd are non black latina usually meztizas and 3rd choice are asian or orientals. The ones i see them go out with black guys act like sluts. And i have seen decent girls who go out with black guys. But i see more sluts that go out with black guys. For example my neighbor who is black have tons of girls that go to his house. And he calls the racial slurs but they still go to him. So this girls only date black guys for the myth that their bigger down their.
sounds like he gets a tad bit more than you buddy and its not a myth.....
Does he like me? How does he feel about me?
I really like this guy.We're just friends. We know each other since August, we go to the same school. We had one class last semester and we've been friends ever since. I'm a Leo, and he's a Sagittarius.I think he's so handsome and very sweet. He's so athletic and he makes me laugh I don't really know how he feels about me.Before he used to hang around this one girl, so I backed off from him because I thought they went out, but it turns out she has a boyfriend and he started to hang out with me more. He said that 90% of the girls at our campus are dumb sluts and he said that I was in the 10% of cool girls. The other day I told him that I thought I looked horrible( really did look bad, looked so plain and tired and I was completely dressed down. Usually I wear heels, skirts, dresses and jeans. I was in a hoodie, jeans, and sneakers.) and he said that I looked cute and nothing was wrong with me. I really don't know how he feels about me....Sometimes I feel like I'm too high-maintaince for him....sometimes I feel like we're too different...I'm a Black Latina and he's soo White. I live in a city and he lives by a beach. He likes sports and I'm into Fashion. But I always have a smile one when I'm with him...I'm so afraid to ask him how he feels. I think its still too early to call. He plays on the lacrosse team @ our school and I'm terrified of the lax boys. Whenever his friends come around I leave because they're really nosy, rude, and perverted and word spreads around quickly at our school. One day we were talking together at dinner and his friends came and I ran to another table with my friend and they were looking at me and they asked him," Why did you make her leave?" They keep looking at me the whole time....Ew.
Is that all you do?? You always talk about men, you always have a boyfriend, etc...

Why don't you take the time to learn about yourself and quit with the men for a while???

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