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What's up with Japanese and bear panties?
I don't watch a lot of anime but the past two animes I watched part of the story involved bear panties.

The two animes I watched were Negima and Rizelmine.

In Negima, the character Negi sneezes really hard and blows her skirt up and sees her bear panties, and in Rizelmine the character Rizel falls and a guy sees her bear panties.

What is up with that?
IDK but the creators can decide what to put on the panties like Ichigo 100% there r strawberry panties that's what the said in the summary. Maybe they think it's boring just 2 have plain panties.
Why does a japanese commercial use womens panties to promote a washing powder,surely it would?
BE BETTER to use an item of boys clothing after a hard days playing outside
because most japanese people especially males have a pantie fetish, it'll sell more with doing women's panties rather than male underwear i would say,

it could be the fact that women do the washing so it shows them what the washing powder could do for their panties and thats why they buy it
How to say "Would you show me your panties?" In japanese.?
I know sounds little weird, but i need to know that please XD
パンツ見せてくれる? (pantsu misete kureru?)
How do you write panty in Japanese?
Is panty/pantie in hiragana or katakana?

Would it be pantsu or panti? But isn't pantsu means pants?

Also, would you say because it makes me feel pretty like kimochi wa kiree desu kara?

It's "pantsu," which certainly does not mean pants. The word for pants is "zubon" (borrowed from German I think).
Can someone gives me the Japanese lines for Panty and Stocking Transformation scene?
Okay, I need to know exactly what they say during their first transformation scene. I know this is what they say in English:

"O wicked spirit born of a lost soul in Limbo;
Receive judgment from the garb of the Holy Virgin;
Cleansed of worldly impurities;
Return to Heaven and Earth.

Can someone translate and put it in Romanji phrasing please? Thank you! It would much appreciated!
" Rinbō no ushinawa reta tamashī kara umareta O jaakuna seishin wa, Seibo no fukusō kara handan o ukeru. Sezoku-tekina fujunbutsu no jōka; Ten to chi ni modorimasu. Kuiaratameru! "
Why do the japanese girls wear shorts that look very much like panties for school exercise lessons?
who design them anyway?
sex is extremely dominant in Japan... females are sex objects and even at young age are exploited.
How do you advertise a used panties business?
Some girlfriends and I have teamed up to sell used panties on the internet. We're doing custom requests where you specify what you want (fabric, contents, etc.) Obviously we're targeting fetishists and Japanese men (they love dirty undies). Doing a search is overwhelming! There are so many places where we could advertise, but we'd like help in weeding them out so we can find the top five. We're not quite ready for a website.
Why do japanese high school girls like showing off their panties?...?
I'm so bored so i came up with this inspirational question^^

i saw a lot of videos(not show or movie... you might say i watch too much jap shows) from japan but i can't help but to notice the very short uniform skirt of their high school girls... its too short that you can always see their panties when they move..

please don't be too serious about this its just a trip question...
Just asking is there any other meaning on why they wear such short skirts aside from wanting guys too peak on them(or should i say molest them)? LOL..
It's because their school uniform skirts are actually very short. And so the directors of the videos/anime make it show their...erm....panties...to examplify the shortness of their school uniform skirts. It's not like all Japanese girls are sluts..that would be a huge generalization and definitely not true. And also, american teens wear extremely short-shorts and skirts as well, so it's not like it's anything new.
Used guys' underwear in Japanese vending machines?
Maybe someone can help me settle a bet. The stories of used panties in certain Japanese vending machines have been heard the world over. Are there any recorded incidents of the male counterpart? I say no, my housemate says there has to be. Who's right?
That's gross just out of imagination.
By the way I have never seen those used panties vending machines in my whole life in Japan !!
I believe they were in some wierd perverted stores only.
Why have the Japanese become so insensitive to their old culture?
I know the age of consent in Japan is 12, but why do they go for so young girls, have weird fetishes, sell school girls panties in vending machines? Is this just part of the domino effect after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
Let me get this correct, it is not only the Japanese but other culture as well. It a fetish and all human beings, a very curious creature in this planet would be drawn to such actions. Europeans are into it as well but most of the time, they and the others do it quietly and don't dare to show it in public.
But the Japanese do it out in the open where the public can see it clearly. Take for instance the red light district in Amsterdam, they displayed it in public for all to see while in the US, we don't.
In fact, the sexual crime rate in Japan is very much lower as compared to the US and Europe. If you are not into this type of fetish, you don't have to participate in it.

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