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Lesbian coach and gay coach in girls and boys changing room?
Some people say that lesbian coach can be in a girls locker room because they are doing their job only and their sexuality do not reflect in their job so how about we start having men coaches in girls changing room because their sexuality does not reflect in their job? Okay? get my point??! what do you think? if the guys feel violated, they have a right to kick the coach out?
My coach had an office within the locker room he was in most of the time. I think that's how it is in MOST schools. And my Goodness, grow up. There's gay Dr.'s too. We're everywhere, get over it!! :@)
Lol just wondering if you could be a school coach but gay?
Im 13 im gay and i think about stupid ****. Obviously women cannot be coaches for males- well, not in the lockerrooms atleast. All 5 of my coaches walk around the lockerroom while we shower, and i just wonder if it would be legal/ aloud/ frowned apon for a coach to be gay, or if a lesbian coach coul coach guys, and a gay guy could coach girls. Lol best explanation gets 10 points :)
>< well i know a lot of female coaches are lesbians. not stereotyping or anything but they just are. ><
so idk why they couldn't be. it'd probably be illegal anyway for them to fire them for that reason or deny them the job if they were like otherwise qualified. so even though they'd probably get more **** from dumb*ss parents they could probably coach guys, idk if they could coach girls or not, there's probably like a school code that varies on that or something
Would you be comfortable with gay teamates/coach?
In light of the LSU womens basketball coach situation,I realize
this is the same as me,a straight male,being on a wnba,or any
women's team,saying i wouldn't be attrached to any of my teamates.This IS NOT A GAY BASHING QUESTION.
Just some honesty and food for thought.
Yes ,because obviously they can't control themselves.She should have had better judgement than that.
How would my football coach feel if he finds out I'm gay?
I joined the football team. I obviously love football.
But I'm also gay. And I was wondering what my coach would think if he found out.
What do you think he would do/say?
If he doesn't like it,go spray paint his car with swastikas on it for he happens to be acting like one of Hitler's groupies.Then why not just say to him afterwards,"at least we're not the one who molest your guys".
My brother said that his licensed vocal coach said it is gay to sing at home? :I?
My brother takes the same vocal coach as me, i don't want to sound arrogant, but he seems as if he has been jealous of me for awhile. I told him that he should sing more at home to practice. He knows i always sing at home so then he told me that his licensed vocal coach, who i have also, said most gay people only sing at home. Do you think he is trying to get on my nerves?
Why is the Minnesota head coach allowed to wear that gay looking headset?
Anyone know why he gets to wear that gay headset while all other NFL coaches have to wear those huge Motorola cans?Does he have a inner ear problem or is he just flying his freak flag?
Brad Guyress has a hearing deficiency. Thus, making it mandatory for him to wear them.
How can i tell my coach about a gay guy in the shower ?
I have asked a questions like this but how can i tell without being labled a snitch im unpopuar at school and i dont want people calling me that
Is he bothering you? Is he making a move on you while you're all in the showers? Is he trying to come at you sexually? If not, then you leave him the **** alone. It's kind of odd that you would focus that much on someone else. Especially someone who is gay. Do yourself a favor and go see a counselor, a shrink, a priest, anyone, just get over yourself.
Gay dreams about my wrestling coach, should I transfer classes?
This is the first time I ever had a gay dream and it was probably because of the close contact. I feel disgusted with myself and I get shivers in my spine thinking about it. Would it be a good idea to quit wrestling class and transfer to a regular P.E. class?
EVERY PERSON IN A DREAM IS YOU ! Now, look at the dream from this perspective and figure out what is going on...probably nothing! This could be no more than a dream about masturbation ...the sex was with you, not the coach...the coach could not possibly be in your dream, for you are doing the "thinking" for him! GW
Where can I advertise for a tight end for the football team I coach for the local gay bar?
I want a man who can stand up to being tackled, takes orders well, and can swallow what comes his way.
Make that Tight End into a Wide Receiver! Wide Receivers are more versatile and have better ball handling skills.

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