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How can an early teen loose weight fast?
I am an early female teen and I want to loose around 30-40 pounds in the fastest, healthiest way as possible. Perferablly between now and September. Any suggestions.
I want to tone my legs, flatten my stomach and loose arm weight. I will do anything it takes although I am on a low budget.
eat more fruits and veggies and cut out all junk food. eat very healthy. go for a walk everyday. play outside, doing cartwheels, jumping jaxs and go rollerblading with a friend. it is fun and you are sweating off the calories.
How much does a guy/early teen psychologist make ?
I'm thinking about going into the field when I'm older. So how much does a guy psychologist and/or an early teen psychologist make ? Thanks(:
This is the same field i plan on going into too. Im sure the pay varies...but im guessing its a decent pay because psychologists are doctors...(in some peoples perspectives)
What are the statistics/odds of early teen (13-15) relationships ending up in marriage?
Not much more to add, im just curious as to how many early teens who start going out at an early age actually last, because most teen relationships inevitably end.
i wouldnt know the statistics but im one of them except i met my hubby at 12, got engaged at 16 and married at 21. but i do know im in the minority so they arent that good
What are the early signs of teen pregnancy?
What would the signs of early teen pregnancy? Like a month along ?
Well the symptoms are all the same, teenager or not

Breast Tenderness
Face Starts breaking out
Missed period (obviously)

Those are some of the most common ones. Good Luck!
The early teen years can be very frustrating especially when it comes to trying to figure out who you are ?
The early teen years can be very frustrating especially when it comes to trying to figure out who you are as an individual. Do you know who you are? Write about yourself and what you would want people to know about you.
Deep down I dont know who I am. Im a big fake.
I change and change and change.
From my attitude, personality, clothes, apperance to everything.
just to try to find out who I am.
The sad thing is, I just turned 19.
and im still trying to figure out who i am.
I think i have a set idea, but then i need to change
and i think deep down, no one knows who they are.

And honestly, I want people to know that no matter how much i change. I still care more then anything. even if it doesnt seem like I care, I honestly do. My heart is always hurting because I care so much and I never want to hurt people. even though I do all the time.
What are some good & Bad things for a early-teen's health?
I'm doing a brochure on this for a spanish project, and i was just wanting some good things/Bad things for a early-teen's heath. Actually, on my paper, it says an average Middle Schooler.
Bad things- drugs, unsafe sex, alcohol, Puberty.
Good things- social life, First kiss or first time sex.
Really the list is endless there are so many things you could write about, it would be a good idea to go and talk to some middle school teenagers and get their opinions.
If you exercise a lot as an early teen will it affect your growth?
Ok, first off I am 6' 3 and my big brother is about 5'9. He says that the reason he is shorter than me is because he worked out like a maniac in his early teen years. To be honest I think his 'excuse' is absurd. :O
So thanks. :D
Hmm... I guess it's depend on what kind of exercise he did. Ever watch those weightlifter at Olympic? Even wondered why they seems short? I guess that kind of work out tend to be a pressure for your bones...

lifting weight while standing is such example... i guess

btw.. damn you're tall... answers my question please...
I am a early teen and i used to smoke, im going to quit.Im just wondering how will it effect my future? ?
I only smoked Hookah, i only smoked it 5 times, with a 1-2 hour session each time, do you think anything serious will happen now or later?
remember im a early teen and i stopped smoking.
No, Hookah smoke is stronger than cigarette smoke but 5 times isn't enough to hurt you.

EDIT -- To the guy who mentioned it, no it doesn't, smoking tobacco makes your testosterone level go up. Maybe you're thinking of smoking pot.
What is a good book for a early teen, that is pretty appropriate?
Please describe. And no Fantasy or biographies please.
What I am mostly looking for are fun teen books that aren't really inappropriate.
My daughter loves books by Meg Cabot. She is funny, sensitive, and writes about REAL people, not cookie cutter barbie copies. The most recent one she read and loved was Avalon High which plays on the tale of King Arthur.
Can anybody recommend me a good forum for teen/early adult lesbians?
I'm a lesbian myself, and I have absolutely no friends who are lesbians as well. They're all straight girls or gay guys. I want to find a nice website that is directed toward late teens / early adulthood for girls like me, who just want to meet other people like me! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
You should checkout ForumLogic.com's free forum software.


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