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All Comments

What does the anal girl joke in 500 days of summer mean?
"they used to call me anal girl"
"i was very neat and organized"

i don't get it!
welllll............ 'anal retentive' is an expression used for someone who is very neat and tidy and fussy over things.

so its the classic misconception joke ie if a group of guys call someone 'anal girl' it probably means something other than she is tidy.

never been a fan myself....
How do i get my girl to do anal?
i want my girl to do anal.
ask her.
Why would a guy have anal sex with a girl?
Is it because she ugly or something?
Why would a guy choose to have anal sex instead of vaginal sex with a girl?
For both men and women anal sex is a different sensation. It is tighter, provides variety and often feels more warm to the male.
It also carries with it a slight taboo and can make both partners feel a bit more naughty which can be very alluring to some people.
Most men who are not turned off by the idea of an anus in general enjoy giving anal sex for both of the reasons above and most women enjoy it also unless they have had a bad experience.
Most bad experiences occur when young or with a male who has had very little experience with giving anal sex.
When done wrong, or rushed it can be very painful to the receiver.

It should be noted however that some men enjoy anal sex just for the sake of getting a women to do something she normally isn't willing to do.
It is the thrill of pushing limits. Once those limits are gone and anal sex is readily offered up men who enjoy it for that reason sometimes lose interest.
If a girl engages in anal sex, and her himen remains intact, is she still a virgin?
a debate started among my friends recently an i wanna know what do you think. so, here's the deal:

if a girl engages in anal sex, and her himen remains intact, is she still a virgin?

physicaly, she is a virgin, yet weather she considers herself a virgin or not depends on the person in question. therefore, being a virgin is more a psychological than physical matter. do you agree or disagree?
Yeah. She's still a virgin until her VAGINA is penetrated. Not her butt. :)
Anal Sex How To make it not hurt for a girl the first time?
how can my boyfriend make it not hurt for the first time. are the myths true about how some girls poop during anal sex.
Anal sex should not hurt. Keep in mind that pain is the body's natural response to something that is not ok; if there is pain during anal sex, that's a good moment to pause and decide what can be done to stop the pain.

Here are a few key points for having pleasurable anal sex:
--Communication with your partner before, during, and after anal sex is important. Let your partner know what is working and what needs to change.
--Start slowly by touching the outside of the anus. When you're ready to insert something, start with a finger (or something small) rather than going directly to a dildo, penis, or something large.
--Adding lube (water-based or silicone if you're using condoms) is very important because the anus doesn't create it's own lubrication. The lube will reduce friction and increase pleasurable sensations.

As for the poop issue, anal sex is an activity that can involve poop. For many people, condoms or gloves allow for easier clean-up. For those who want to minimize the chance of poop, going to the bathroom before sex and washing with soap and warm water will be enough. For others, an enema may be a good choice. Introducing warm water into the rectum and holding it for a little while can help clear out residual poop before having anal sex. The reality is, however, that there is always a chance of some poop being involved.
Why do strait men want to do anal on a girl?
Every boyfriend I've ever had loves to do anal.
I don't hate it, but I don't like it either.
It seems it's better than sex for guys.
I don't get it.
So Why do they like it?
Does it mean they're kinda gay?
Its tigheter
Guys: if an embarrassing thing happens for your girl during anal sex does it bother you?
so if your doing anal sex with your girl and if it was kind of spur of the moment and not planned and she gets a little too loose back there if you know what i mean, has an "accident', does it really bother you? would it stop you from trying anal sex with her again?

that's what they mean by sh!t happens

Just be prepared for it

An enema is a good start to prevent it

Or you could just be with the wrong person.
How is it possible for a girl to like anal better than conventional sex?
I know a girl who likes it this way.

How could it be better than what god intended?
Why does 1 guy like a bj and another doesnt? 1 person likes everything on a cheeseburger, others want ti plain. We all like something differant.
If I have anal sex with a girl is it ok to switch to her vagina? Will it cause infection or anything?
If I have anal sex with a girl is it ok to switch to her vagina?

Will it cause infection or anything?

Come on folks... this is in the same vein as going a$$ to mouth. The bacteria in the lower intestine are harmless, so long as they stay there.
Switching without washing with soap and water and/or changing condoms works to transfer those bacteria to places where their simply not supposed to be. YES, it can result in an infection. Let's keep in clean people!
What are the steps i need to take to prepare the girl for anal sex?
-what can i do so it wont be painful for her and so she can enjoy it.
-it would be her first time
Don’t jump right to anal sex. Make out and tease her down there first. Try to get her to talk about what feels good. If it feels too weird for her it may take a few sessions for her to like it and relax.

When you both feel ready foreplay is key. First off never touch her vagina with the same hand (or whatever else) that has been by/in her anus without cleaning it first, you can give her unwanted infections that way. When your hands are teasing her down there don’t forget to kiss her and touch her in other places. When she is relaxed and into it finger her and stretch her first go very slow and use lots of lube, since there is no natural lube down there. When you get her to the point that she’s ready for your penis again go very slow only push in at first and wait a few moments for her to stretch out and get used to it. Again lots of lube and talking to her is very important. She may not even like it the first time. It’s a very odd sensation and not all woman like it, but some learn to love it.

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